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felix felicis: October 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

on writing and tourism

I was tasked to draft some sort of a preface for our Tourism and Investment Profiles. Our company is set to release these two portfolios detailing the tourism potentials of Philippine Cities as well as their bankability and business-friendly endeavors. I wasn't new to writing but because I was recently used to the informal method, I had a hard time thinking of what to write in the preface thingy. I had to read Anna Oposa's blog for some ideas (since she's an environment/ local tourism advocate and simply because I like her blog. hehe). I found some useful tidbits but I still have to do more readings for better grounding. I lagged for about an hour or two before I commenced writing the messages. After another hour, I'm done! Yehey! 

This again proves how my mood affects my writing. I mean I have to lag behind first before I can come up with something convincing (or something that convinces me). If I'm not in my mood, I really can't get past two to three lines then I'm off. Hahaha. Hello, writer's bloc. I guess that's how they call them. Also, related music plays a great role to my writing mood. When I listened to DOT's Tara Na, Byahe Tayo theme song (which, by the way, has three versions: the one with Freddie Aguilar, the other with Martin and Jed Madela and the last with Ebe and Aiza) and Piliin mo ang Pilipinas (the one sung by Angeline Quinto and Vince Bueno), I was kinda perked to write something from my heart. Naks. Cool eh! But really, it helped put my writing in perspective. What do I need to put in the preface, what I have to say and what I should emphasis into.

I'm already done with the task and I'm proud of what I did. I placed a lot of effort on it so I really hope it would be credited. :)

Oh and let me add, I really lurve the Tara Na, Byahe Tayo Theme Song! I really feel so proud of our country when I listen to that song-- one gets to listen to all the unique things and experiences the Phils can offer the world! Now that's something. And for the record, the original version (Freddie, Sharon, Francis M, Lea et al) is the best version. Hahahaha. Try listening!

Yey! Thank you Lord for another task done!

Tomorrow, I shall face the fax machine for a series of letters to be faxed again. Oooo, Convention you challenge us so much. 

Aja pa rin!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

3rd Phil Cities Global Convention (proposed poster)

The Proposed Convention Poster.

The LCP is proud to present the 3rd Philippine Cities Global Convention on November 17-19, 2011 at the Resorts World Manila, Pasay City with the theme, "Bridging Cities, Transforming Lives."

It brings together city officials, national government agencies, international development institutions, civil society organizations, and other key governance stakeholders across the globe. Through highly interactive plenary discussions and breakout sessions, the Convention seeks to discuss urban issues and concerns, share innovative solutions, and synergize strategies to pursue inclusive development.

For more info, visit our website at http://lcp.org.ph/

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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Day in Heels

Dresses, skirts and high-heeled shoes aren't much of a thing for me. I usually wear them when the occasion compels me to do so. And last Monday, because our office's one of the co-organizers of a semi-formal event (20th Anniversary of the Local Government Code, PICC), I have to wear something formal, of course. Hehe. I chose to wear my "office-designed" slacks (the striped gray thingy), a black rufflesy top, my comfy cardigan and my new wedges. Hahaha. The wedges are really nice (Thanks, SoFab sale!). It has this native texture because of the abaca covering the wedge and a crocheted lime green ribbon. Really cute. :D Anyways, the outfit was already okay for me. But because of the hectic itinerary I had that day, it almost turned to a disaster. Hahaha. 

I could have gone straight to PICC that day but my boss told me that I still have to fax an urgent letter to three more recipients. I have responsibility over admin things in our unit so I have to do that. So really, from our house in Sta Cruz, I have to go all the way to Eastwood, return to Cubao, take the MRT traversing EDSAAAAAAAAAAAA, go down Taft Ave Station and from there find a way to get to PICC when I can always ride the Taft LRT, go down Vito Cruz Station and ride the neon orange jeepney that would go around the CCP Complex. In short, I had my own version of Amazing Race, thanks to that ~to-be-faxed letter. Hahay.

Oh and didn't I tell you that the Monday weather was all sunny and humid?! Thanks, extra challenge. Here's another thing, I was wearing my high-heeled wedges. Pffffft. And from the Cubao jeepney stop to Cubao MRT station, I have to waaaaaaaaaaaaalk. I could have worn the slippers I brought but I would really look kawawa so tiis-ganda was the option. HAHAHA. Fashion, I'm becoming a slaaaave! lol. Anyways, I have to walk from Ali Mall to Farmers and because it's 9am, the malls weren't open yet. Hello, sweat. Hahaha. When I got to the station, the queue was long. As in this looooooooooooooooong. I thought of using my stored value card, the one I'm using when I ride the Santolan-bound LRT, but it was rejected. So I had to get in line and buy one. Once I was inside the coach, we look like canned sardines. Hahaha. After 20 minutes or so, finally, I'm in Taft! Then, I walked along EDSA (until after Kabayan Hotel lang naman) just to get a cab because my feet were already betraying my katawang lupa. Hahaha. 20 minutes again and voila! PICC! Then I saw how long I had to walk just to get to the plenary hall. Really now! But thank God, I lasted the whole day. Hahaha.

When I got home, which was around 11pm because of all the other logistics we had to fix for our principals, my feet were sore and puno ng paltos. Hahaha. Ouch. All in the name of formality and fashion and FAAAAX! Hahahaha.

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The gods of Padre Faura

This book was introduced by an office colleague and friend, Ate Fina. At first, it was kinda boring, because of the numerous facts it was laying down to the reader. But as soon as I read along, I found the inside-the-SC stories captivating and shocking at times. The decisions and the politics behind those decisions intrigued me. I'm already halfway and I'm really excited with all the other things the book has in store for me. I hope you find time reading this too.

Okay, so I'm already done with the book (after a week of posting the italicized narrative above). As I have said, Ms. Vitug's Shadow of Doubt has a lot of inside-the-Court stories to offer. The stories, through corroboration from different Court insiders would harbor a different perspective for a reader, at least that's happened to me. I tried to be as objective as I can when I started reading the book, but really the stories of betrayals, case flip-flops and veiled interests have got my blood boiling. Really. I've always had this respect for the Justices of Padre Faura-- their old age that I equal with wisdom and their calm demeanor with their desire to deliver justice in the right hands.

After reading, I thought that we really have a lot to do to achieve those political and social reforms we've always dreamt of. The grime and dirt of politics have deeply permeated the institutions we should be trusting our lives with. The book lived to its purpose-- it served as an eye- opener. I just hope that it doesn't end with opening a can of worms and exposing the devils of Pandora's box to the public-- there should always be an immediate action to halt the spread of these ills lest they cause the social cancer Dr. Rizal and his cohorts battled before.

My dad's reading it now. Then my mom would after his turn. I just thought that it's nice to pass on reading materials-- it doesn't just enrich other people's book bank, it also helps spread the lessons these books are trying to impart. :)

Here are several links regarding Shadow of Doubt:

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