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felix felicis: April 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

End of the month post

Here’s a screenshot reminding myself to write again. Hahaha.

It’s been weeks I guess before I last wrote here. So I’m trying to weed out words and ideas and stories from my head to fill this post. Hahaha. Char.

Anyway, April’s been one helluva month. Hahaha. The first weeks were a bit easy going maybe because the long weekend (i.e. Holy Week + Araw ng Kagitingan) spirit was still looming over everybody. But as soon as the next weeks kicked in, the hustle and bustle of work came in too. Haaay.

I’m keeping this short, so everything I learned this month is summed up by my Facebook status:

I got scolded over the phone by a principal because apparently, according to him, I wasn’t doing my job well add to it the fact that I sound too bossy on the phone so yeah, there. Hahaha. I cried, sure. It was hard, especially because the fault wasn’t on my part—it was a miscommunication between him and his secretary. Hahaha. But anyway, it’s all over and I learned my lesson well. I intend to do better especially in “customer service” (I dunno how that one’s called really).

Oh, and yeah, the family finally moved in to the other house because Pap’s got a new church assignment. It’s bigger and we hope it’ll be better. We never expected we’ll be assigned there but maybe God put us there for a reason. We’re currently enjoying living at the heart of Tondo. Hehehehe.

The Lord has been good to us. To me, especially. Big thanks, Lord! I capped the month running the Roxas Boulevard stretch—an avenue to release all those angst, inhibitions and other chars. Hahahaha.

Yun. Break it down. Hahaha.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Running. Again. :)

Wuhoooo! Finally, after several failed attempts at registering online, I was able to log in my name and my brother's to Hyundai's Run For A Cause. The run will be in support of multiple advocacies-- there's education, youth development through sports, environment sustainability, women and children's health and road safety and responsible car ownership among others. Plus, it's free so we really jumped in. Hehehehehe. Ate Usme and her partner, Kuya Paul are also running with us. Ok, si Kuya Paul lang pala because unfortunately the registration closed as soon as Ate Usme clicked the link. Sad face. Feeling nya "naiwan siya ng tren".

Anyways, the run is on the 29th at Quirino Grandstand and we're participating in the 5K category. I'm excited for the singlet-- it's greeeeeeeeeen! :D That's because we chose Environment Sustainability as our cause. Yay!

If you're running too, seeya!

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One Woman Rising

Finally, another blog post. Haha. Korni yung title alam ko. Hahaha.

Last March 31, I was able to catch the Pinoy version of The Vagina Monologues. This year's show marks the 12th anniversary of the internationally-acclaimed theater act and was produced by Monique Wilson's theater group, New Voice Company. Proceeds of the event will go to Lila Filipina, an organization committed to bettering the lives of Pinay comfort women during the Japanese occupation in 1945.

True to our grepa mode, we were on the balcony seats. The show didn't start at once, probably because the producers observed the annual Earth Hour. A few more minutes and a mini movie to introduce the V-Day Movement was playing onscreen.

I remembered before that I was really intrigued with the whole TVM thing. I really don't have any idea about it until that night I saw it and of course several google searches I did after. Eve Ensler, an American playwright, interviewed around 200 women on their memories and experiences about their female sexuality. She compiled these varied stories of abuse, exploitation, coming-of-age, freedom, triumph and many more and created a play that would soon launch a global movement to advance the cause of women empowerment and ending violence against women.

In 2002, I learned that Eve came to Manila to interview Filipinas exploited by Japanese soldiers during the nightmarish Second World War. On 31, Filipinos were able to hear Eve's piece entitled "Say It For The Comfort Women", a monologue narrating the horrors of the war and urging the Japanese government to say sorry to these Filipinas they have abused. The compelling speech was given life by acclaimed theater actress Pinky Amador. It was both moving and scary for me. I dunno why. Maybe because of the pictures of old women onscreen-- one could still see the pain etched on their wrinkled faces despite the many years that have gone by; or maybe because I likened the incidence to what happened during the Rape of Nanking, another Japanese doing.

We hope they'll really say their apologies to the women who were equally ravaged by that war. It would take time, I know, but we really hope they'll do it.

Anyways, overall, I like the whole play. There are speeches that I especially liked-- those which I appreciated most and those which I thought celebrated femininity at best (char haha). Here's TVM's most powerful scenes (well, in my opinion, hehe):

The Flood. The monologue is based upon a conversation with an old women, a grandmother to be more exact. I forgot the name of the speaker but well I really appreciated how she gave life to this one. The granny in this monologue talks about her "down there" and all the other feelings and experiences she had with it. Hahaha. Quite weird but it's totally great and funny when you hear it. Plus, you'll really feel that one tough "lola" in the speech.

My Village is my Vagina. So this part's a bit the same with Say It For The Comfort Women. It talks of rape camps in Bosnia and Kosovo during their civil war intertwined with beautiful images of their fields and farms. The monologue was both beautiful and haunting-- the coldness in the speaker's voice and the heated rage that comes along it sent goosebumps. The tale's sad and poignant and very much relevant to many of today's pressing issues. 

I Was In The Room. Ok so this one's about Eve Ensler and how she watched the birth of her grandchild. The whole monologue details graphically the moment her daughter labored and eventually gave birth to her child, allowing the audience a peak of what it feels like to bring a new life into earth. One could imagine both pain and joy. It's one of the more happy moments of the whole play and of course the most positive of all speeches. With positive, I mean,  that there's no talk of abuse or hurt or discrimination, just pure human, female experience which is totally great.

After the play, the audience was asked which of them have experienced abuse and a few women stood up. When Monique asked who have seen abuse of women, I was one of those in the crowd who stood up. Well, I've seen how my uncle verbally abused my aunt which was totally cruel and degrading. I just wanna spank him one time bigtime. At least now he stopped, Paps scolded him for doing so. As soon as I got home, I looked for the V-Day movement and signed up. I even tweeted about it! (Ok, so not as soon as I got home, as soon as I woke up pala the next day. Hahaha).

Yay! I intend to participate in the One Billion Rising Movement on Feb 14, 2013. I still dunno how but definitely I'll participate. Hehehe. Anyways, you too can join. Just visit their website, www.vday.org.

Women, Unite!

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