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felix felicis: October 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sem ender post

Second sem just ended with all the requirements turned in and grades already uploaded over the CRS. I’m happy with the results for this sem considering I increased my academic load. For working students taking their Masters, the ideal set-up is to take six units of coursework so enough focus will be given for both academic requirements and professional duties. It’s quite a challenge to go for a nine-unit load. And we took that challenge this sem. Hahaha! Thankfully, we emerged victorious. Char. Hahaha!

After enlisting another nine-unit load for the coming sem, I realized I already spent a year at the Asian Center. Wow. It came by fast and it was something I’m really grateful to God for. I did not just survive my first year at the Center; I was also getting along pretty well—academically and socially. Hehe. I was already able to finish the required core courses. For the coming sem, I’m going to take courses related to my Southeast Asia specialization. I also hope to get the necessary motivation to shift to the thesis track program because I wanted to; I just need a strong and motivating reason to do so. Hahaha!

A few more sems and we’re off to infinity and beyond! Hahaha! I pray that God will give me enough strength to carry on. \m/

Typography Poster by Josef Ortiz from his Behance account.

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Stress can be a friend

Contrary to popular belief that stress is one form of a life dementor—something that sucks out our energy and happiness—new research shows that it can only be bad if we believe it to be the case. In this TED Talk video, psychologist Kelly McGonigal shares how stress can become a friend by reaching out to other people.

For a Tuesday that felt like half a Monday, here’s food for thought.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

In between

I’m currently documenting a workshop on local economic development here at Cebu. Yes, at Cebu. And yes, there’s a mini-aftershock while I’m writing this post. The earthquake experience is quite scary especially because the 7.2 quake claimed the lives and properties of a lot of Cebuanos. I’m thankful God spared us and the lives of other people. Anyway, more insights and stories about that on my next post.

I came across this nice infographic from kyusi reader—a blogger who reviews fiction books just because he wants to. The original infographic was developed by Laura Kelly and was posted in her own blog. The infographic shows us the different types of book readers—from the loud and social ones to the extreme bookworms and voracious paperback readers. I cannot classify myself onto one—I guess I can be included in any of the categories except the anti-reader because they don’t really read books. Hehe. Click on the picture to enlarge and have fun looking for your spirit animal book reader type! J

Please include attribution to Laura E. Kelly with this graphic. (Click to view at original large size.)
What Species of Reader Are You?--Infographic
Visit Laura-e-Kelly.com for more about books, reading, and authors.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sulit Japanese fare at Herbosa, Manila

Last Sunday, our extension Bible class at Pajo was cancelled. Because we’re already in the area, we decided to head to Herbosa and try the Japanese carinderia there. It was recommended by friends and church mates because the place serves authentic Japanese cuisine at a cheaper cost. The owner was a Japanese guy who married a Filipina. Together, they manage the business.

Half of Team Pajo. Next time, complete na daw. Haha!
Because we want to try almost everything, we ordered one each and just sampled each of the dishes. We had a bowl of beef ramen, katsudon, katsu, gyoza, okonomiyaki and canton yakisoba. We cleaned our palates with free service water. Hahaha! All in all, we spent PhP 535. And yep, I forgot to try their ebi tempura. I will definitely go back.

Prepping the food at a makeshift kitchen stall. 

Here's their version of tonkatsu. The side salad's quite creamy; sauce was great. The pork was just right. :)

Katsudon! Yum. I got hungry again. T_T

Canton Yakisoba. Brother ate it all, I never got to taste it. T_T

Gyoza. Hoarded it because they're good. :)
Beef Ramen! Wasn't able to try it too because Gly hoarded it. Haha!

Okonomiyaki. Better than Tokyo Bubble Tea's, in my opinion. Brother and I fought until the last slice. Haha!

And I'm done! Definitely coming back to try their ebi tempura. :D
Ah, so you wanna go there. Hmmm. If you’re coming from Tayuman, head over to Puregold Pritil. From there, ride jeepneys with Sangandaan- Divisoria routes. Tell the driver you’ll go down at Herbosa Street. It’s on the other side, so cross. Look for Suzuki Japanese Karenderya. If you can’t get my instructions, I might as well go there with you. Hahaha! Joke.

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