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felix felicis: November 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

"No, I did not squeal!"

"Pare, di talaga ako nagkalat nun."

~Feeling cool guy (Guy A) tried his best to explain to his friend (Guy B) that he did not let the cat out of the bag-- he did not tell their other friends that Guy B has a girlfriend already. Because Guy A saw Guy B with the girl one night, he assumed they already have a thing going on. 

It should have been a typical conversation between friends except that the guy he's talking to is on the other line. Yep, over the phone. Inside the busy LRT. In Guy A's loudest voice possible. Denying everything. 

Guy A was beet red explaining the whole thing out. I assumed they were on a stalemate when LRT guy said, "Ok na nga, bahala ka na." 


Supposed friendships get screwed up because of wrong info. Or maybe I'm just filling in the blanks of random stories I overhear. I should have just returned to my music. 

But rides home just got more entertaining. Hahahaha! 

Be safe! :)

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Monday, November 25, 2013

20 Things We Should Say More Often

I came across this video in my Facebook feed and I thought it’s a nice thing to share. Let’s start our week right by saying these encouraging words more often. Happy Monday!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thursday Korean food binge X bekis on the run

After-office nights spent eating and laughing with your favorite people on earth couldn't be more fulfilling and fun. My friends and I enjoyed the Korean food buffet at Don Day- Quezon Avenue Branch. There’s a good set of food choices—from the usual Korean fare like kimchi, kimbap and chapchae to other choices I can’t name because I really don’t know what they’re called. And then of course, there’s unlimited samgyupsal for those who’d want to upgrade their meals. Yay! We each ate a plate of food from the buffet table then focused on our pork samgyupsal fare for the rest of the night. There weren’t tallies but I guess we had six to seven plates of pork at our disposal. Hahaha! #bahagyanggutom

We had a lot of fun talking about everything under the sun: from TMI stories from Diliman Files, to the beautiful people from the LGBT community, Razelle’s first sem animo-ing her way at La Salle Business School, her plan to get a credit card and a new phone, then Jessene’s pre-school teaching (we half-thought she’s teaching gay lingo to her students haha), Jon’s sideline as conductor/music arranger/whatever it is related to his Music Career, why I should use maleta when we eventually travel to Korea (or I’ll get excess baggage again), and the things we plan to do once we get to Korea next year. TARGETS AND GOALS! Hahahaha! We should have ordered soju just so we’ll get some kick before we get home but Razelle still has a presentation to finish, so no alcohol. Next time.

If you’d want some Korean food fix, head over to Don Day Fresh Resto. Buffet + unlimited pork samgyupsal is PhP 335. Add PhP50 for unlimited red iced tea. If you want beef samgyupsal, that’s PhP447 along with the buffet.

Don Day’s on the first floor of Sunshine Boulevard Plaza beside Klownz Timog, 7-11 and Thirstea Café (yes they serve tea, haha). If you’re coming from MRT QAve Station, you can take the tryke near McDo and tell the driver to take you to Sunshine Blvd Plaza; or ride the jeep heading to Quiapo, then alight at BIR (you’ll have to cross the street). There, enjoy! J

Don Day Fresh Restaurant- Timog Branch
2G-5 Sunshine Boulevard Plaza
Quezon Avenue corner Scout Santiago
Barangay South Triangle, QC
Contact Number: 0906 3310201

And we thought the night was over. But no, a challenge was laid ahead. Tipid tip option of getting home was to ride jeepneys going to Quiapo, so from the Plaza, we walked until we get to the nearest footbridge that will take us to the other side of the road. We’ve only been warning each other of elementals (or scary people like snatchers, hold-uppers, etc) when a beggar jumped and ran after us. PANIC! All of us ran as if a zombie was attacking us. That was the fastest run I did in my life. Elma Muros/Lydia de Vega-combined ang levels. We hailed a cab to take us home. Safe. Thank you, Lord.

Moral lesson: Magtabi-tabi po pag dadaan sa sidewalks ng QAve. You’ll never know what’s lurking in the dark. At yes, practice running fast. When you can’t fight, running is the next best thing you could do for your safety.

Never again, QAve. Hahaha! :D 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

We need more help! #UPTulongKabataan

Last Sunday, my friends and I went to UPD to take part in the relief operations organized by the UP Community. Most of our fellow relief ops volunteers are students. We were assigned at the clothes section, where we’ll have to rummage through a pile of clothes and bundle them for each family. Each bundle has 2 tops and a pair of bottoms for women, a top and a bottom for men, and another set for the kids. Kuya Paulie and Ate Fina did the rummaging, Ate Joy, Ate Dana and I did the bundling and Ate Anna grouped them into sets of 5 so they can be placed inside black bags, ready for distribution. It was pretty organized; we managed to produce at least 10 black bags for the rest of the afternoon.

One of the key principles of the relief ops is to remember human dignity: whatever you decide to give them should be something you’d also be willing to receive. So no, rumpled clothes or those filled with holes, because really, if you’re in their position, you’d be offended receiving those. They were stripped of everything they have, but that doesn’t mean they’re destitute. And even so, they’re still people, not mere figures you’d count as those given relief. Applying those principles, my friends and I really looked for decent-looking clothes; we even tried to match the colors so they won’t look funny or jeje. Hehe.

The whole operation was pretty exhausting even if we’re sitting and doing the bundling most of the time. But more than the exhaustion was the happiness radiating from everyone. I guess we’re all too happy knowing the clothes we prepared will help those families in Eastern Visayas affected by the recent typhoon.

The relief operations are still ongoing. If you’d want to donate in cash or in kind or volunteer as repackers, just go to Vinzons Hall at UP Diliman. That’s in between College of Business Administration and Benitez Hall (College of Education). And yes, in front of the building are the waiting sheds for jeepneys heading to PhilCoa, MRT, SM North and Katipunan. They seriously need more contributions. Here’s what you can give:
  • Noodles
  • Rice
  • Biscuits
  • Milk and powdered drinks
  • Ulam in soft packs

Donation drop-off is 24 hours while volunteer ops are from 7AM to 10PM. For more details, contact UP Tulong Kabataan through this number: 0917 42 STAND.

Thanks! Also, please pass this message to anyone willing to help!

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Art Project Series # 2: Pop-up Storybook

I recently decided to do art projects just so I can practice doodling and coloring again. Plus, the art materials I have should not be left unused so why not do something artsy and worthwhile.

During the latter part of October, we had a number of non-working holidays and long weekends in the Philippines. We wouldn’t want to put to waste that much time! So aside from catching up on several TV series and movies, I began my next art project. Yay! The first art project was a hand-painted pair of slip-ons which I gave as a gift to a friend. The one I finished recently was a pop-up storybook which I also gave to a friend. She’ll be transferring to her new work and I felt that transforming her 3-year stay in our office into a legendary (naks) story is fitting and interesting, too. J

You wanna know the story? Here’s the plot: There are 3 girl warriors tasked to protect earth from monsters that spread lies and deceit and corrupts everyone they meet. They defeated them eventually, but the greater enemy was something they never imagined. With their courage and strong friendship, they battle on to defeat the bigger enemy. The bida, of course, was poisoned and she’d have to find a way to heal her weakening heart. The hermit, in the end, advises her to journey on her own and look for the healing potion (and yes, it’s patterned into a song which is geeky and all fun haha). The end part was bittersweet. Of course, she leaves; but with a happy and contented heart. J

Bonus! The red scarf given by her friends in the story was brought to life! Wahaha! I think this is the awesome part of the story. Hehehe!

Here’s the cover page of the storybook.

Pop-up storybooks can be given to anyone, on any occasion. Syempre, because you’ll be pouring your strength and dedication to this project, you might want to give this to someone special like close friends, your parents or your special someone. Hahaha! The whole idea came from Oh Happy Day. J

Anyway, here are the things you’ll need for this project:
  • Plain cardboard or special paper (preferably 170-180 gsm for special papers)
  • Black felt-tipped pen
  • Coloring materials (colored pens, pencils, watercolor, etc)
  • Colored papers (optional)
  • Glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • Magic tape
  • Patience and so much love (hahaha) YES THIS IS NEEDED!

 Let’s start!

Reminder: Make sure that you already have an outline of the story you’ll be using for your pop-up book or the message you’ll want to write, if it’s going to be a card. That way, you won’t be having too many problems in the middle of the project. J

  1. Fold your cardboard/paper in half (cross-wise).
  2. On the folded part, cut parallel lines (in pairs, could be the same length, depending on you’d want it). Maximum length would be half of the length of the card, or they’ll end up sticking out when you fold it. Push the flaps (see photo below).
  3. If the paper you used is plain white/cream, you may want to draw or paint the background.
  4. On a separate paper, create the images or letters you’ll display in your pop-up. For the storybook I made, I drew the characters and other sets, and colored it using colored pencils.
  5. After you’re done with all the bits and pieces you’ll be using, glue them one-by-one on the flaps.
  6. Do this for the next pages of your storybook.
  7. Get another clean sheet of cardboard/paper and use it as the cover page for your storybook or card to hide the cut parts. Draw something for the cover page. You’re done!

There you go. It looks easy but it takes a certain amount of patience to come up with a pretty decent work. Hahaha! It took me two weeks to finish this project, but it was all worth it when I saw the final product. Yay!

To more art projects and beyond! More coming soon. :D

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Aftershocks. Afterthoughts.

Early in October, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Provinces of Bohol, Cebu and several parts of Visayas. Hundreds of people died from the devastation and many more were injured and displaced from their homes. The latest data from the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) showed that at the very least 671,103 families were affected and an estimated PhP2.257B of infrastructure were damaged.

A month has barely passed and another natural disaster struck the country, particularly the Visayan region. Last weekend, the Philippines anticipated the onslaught of Super Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan); various preparations were made—from evacuation centers, rescue operations and relief distributions were already organized by different agencies. But almost all of these were rendered vain by the massive damage Yolanda wrought in just a matter of hours after its landfall.

The latest data from NDRRMC showed that the death toll is now 151, most of these from the Provinces of Leyte and Eastern Samar. The figures are expected to rise as relief and rescue operations continue. At least 9M people in 41 provinces were affected by Yolanda, 630,000 of which are displaced and another 447,000 are staying in 1,645 evacuation centers. Communication lines and transportation remain crippled in most of the affected areas. People have resulted “looting”—most of them apologized and said that the typhoon had stripped them of their dignity. The news had painted a dire situation in these parts of the country and immediate action is needed.

After the earthquake that struck Bohol and Cebu, the following thoughts, which I previously shared over Facebook, came to mind:
  1. LGUs should be most prepared when disaster strikes. People completely depend on them for their safety. 
  2. The national government through its agencies should take this as a wakeup call. For instance, DRRMOs are not mandatorily created by law, they are integral to immediate rescue/disaster-related ops. Also, LCCAPs aren't maximized. Climate change and DRR are two different things but they're related, I'd like to believe.
  3. If we're serious on heritage site restoration, concerned stakeholders should step up. For example, CBCP should finance the restoration of centuries-old churches in the affected areas.
The same thoughts still hover, except several more factors come into play.
  1. LGUs should still be prepared when disaster strikes and we’ve seen that through several preparations. But when disaster goes on a scale like this, the national government should definitely take over. There is a need to really strengthen our centralized efforts on relief and rescue operations, as well as maintaining law and order in areas devastated by the surge of events. The decision whether to declare martial law in the area or not should be carefully studied as it will have serious implications to those that will be put under it. In simpler terms, placing people under martial law means several rights will be curtailed. It will be better if a state of emergency or calamity will be declared for now. The news of “looting” and “anarchy” could still be managed if proper measures will be placed. Resorting to rash decisions might just make the matters worse for our afflicted fellowmen.
  2. It is high time to make systemic changes on how government deals with climate change mitigation/adaptation and disaster and risk reduction. These are two different things, but they are very much related. The fact that various local governments and national government agencies have procured relief and rescue equipments, established their DRRM offices and their rescue teams and even designated evacuation centers are already good steps. However, we should not stop with this. We must continue educating individuals and their communities on how to make their lifestyles more adaptive to climate change and our country’s proximity to disasters. I am not well-versed on international agreements and protocols on reducing carbon emissions and such, but we know well enough that there is a need for a collective action on this matter.
We may have an “indomitable” and “resilient” human spirit especially when faced with disasters like these, but a lot of have Filipinos died already—Sendong, Pablo, Ondoy, Reming and now, Yolanda. Wouldn’t it be better if that human spirit was also used to prevent further catastrophic damages in the near future because we made conscious efforts to prepare and take action on climate change? We may not be able to completely stop typhoons, flash floods and earthquakes from happening, but at the very least, we come prepared. Initial government, non-government and community efforts were already made; we just have to continue that stride towards a more adaptive archipelago.

For those who would want to help the victims of Yolanda, you may direct it through these efforts compiled by Rappler.

Let us continue to pray for our fellow people. And yes, let’s stop the bickering, it does not add anything to help.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Go get some sleep

3.00AM. I'm still wide awake. I finished two movies, both plots of which happened within one day. I think I'm trying to channel a Norah in me except that in the movie, she was wandering the streets of New York with Nick at 4am while I'm at home counting sheep and trying to get some sleep. 

3:40AM. I'll finish off this random post then close my eyes before the first rays of the morning light wake me up again. 

"Don't you forget about me. As you walk on by, will you call my name? Or will you walk away?"

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OneRepublic in Manila: I lost myself the other night

I already missed The Killers. I should watch One Republic live. 800 bucks. General Admission. Good to go. After a day’s worth of discussion on how to strengthen local government advocacy on TB control, we’re off to Cubao. I was not getting enough good vibes not until the lights of the coliseum dimmed and the band began playing. Next thing I knew, my hands were up in the air and my hoarse voice rocking the choruses of each song. It was not a bad decision after all.

The crowd was amazing. We were standing the whole time the band was playing their hits (at least from my point of view people barely sat down) and we’re singing along the adlibs and bridges. Most of us were even clapping to match the songs’ beats. My favorite part was when the band played an acoustic version of their debut hit, Apologize. It became more beautiful when it was mashed up with Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me River, Rihanna’s We Found Love and Coldplay’s Yellow. Of course, the audience participation made it more fun. They’re really good live.

Their new album isn’t quite different from their previous productions— inspirational lyrics, elaborate sounds peppered with nice strings sections, and Ryan Tedder’s beautiful falsettos. Of course, there are stand-outs: Burning Bridges was really catchy for me while Feel Again channels a lot of good vibes (it’s usually associated with Florence + the Machine’s Dog Days Are Over given their seemingly similar melodies; I love both songs, BTW). Preacher’s gets a boost from its gospel-associated tunes and lyrics. The rest of the soundtrack was, I think, anchored to the band member’s personal experiences on pretty much everything. The album title Native lends some nostalgic feel to it. To be fair, I’d like to think this is their more cohesive album compared to their previous undertakings.

The night ended with If I Lose Myself—the band’s venture into club anthems. I lost myself reveling in good music. I think it means I enjoyed the whole show. J

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